Removal of the firetruck decals

June 18, 2019 Comments (0) Mercedes Sprinter 4x4

Certification Day

Having removed all of the firetruck laminate decals, lights, and sirens, we were ready to certify our Mercedes Sprinter 315 4×4 (aka. Bubbles) in Switzerland. The vehicle was originally a fire truck, so we needed to certify once again as a delivery van. This is not the last certification… once we complete our fit out, we will re-certify as a motor home. 

Our first visit to the self wash. The ramps on the sides – intended for trucks – were a big help.

Step one was the wash. We never owned a van before, especially one that has been raised for off-road duty. Five bucks at the local coin wash is not enough 🙁 It takes a while to thoroughly wash this thing – bring a ladder, and a bag of coins $$$. Nevertheless, clean and shiny we arrived for our appointment at the vehicle inspection station (OCN) in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Bubbles was thoroughly examined. Brakes, suspension, exhaust, lights and fittings (including tow hitch), everything was inspected. Bubbles was also measured and weighed. Length overall: 6.2m (20.3 ft.) with the tow hitch. Weight: 2,760 kg (6,085 lbs.). Heavy. The 4×4 does not help. We will have to be creative with the fit out, as Bubbles is only rated to 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs.) gross and we have a lot of ‘stuff’. 

The van passed the inspection with flying colours. Nothing to note. Bubbles is ready to roll. 

Let the Road Test Begin
Bubbles enters the inspection station at the OCN in Fribourg, Switzerland.
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